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What brands of dog food should I feed my dog with allergies?

I took my 2-year-old goldendoodle to the vet today. He has some scabs on his face that he’s been itching and irritating for a week. The vet told me he has dermatitis, and most likely allergies too. Besides the treatment for the skin issues, the vet recommended trying a different dog food, preferably an organic [...]


What brand of hard adult dog food has small pieces?

I have a lab about 5 and she got this muscle problem in her stomach where she can’t digest food properly so the vet suggested either soft food or smaller hard food pieces. Normally I would just give her the soft food, but I also have a 2 yo cattle dog and I would don’t [...]


How do you make wet dog food from dry dog food?

As my dog has aged, she has since stopped liking to eat any of the dry food we give her. We have tried adding pumpkin (something our vet suggested) to adding her favorite fruit apples but it doesn’t seem to work. Whenever we feed her either homemade or store-bought wet food she eats it right [...]


What is a good homemade dog food recipe for dogs with allergies?

My dog has allergies. Tried other vet recommended things with no success. Now I want to make my dog’s food myself to see if that can help. I need a healthy recipe for dogs that is gluten and grain free. One that is good for dogs with allergies, and well balanced. Related Dog Training Videos [...]


How to care for a pregnant dog who is about to give birth?

My 4 year old Labrador/Dalmation/Staffy mix is about to give birth thanks to my no-good Doberman/Poodle mix who made her pregnant in the first place! Anyhow, how do I care and prepare for the baby puppies? She is 64 days pregnant and has already started nesting. I’ve never been in this sitation but as I [...]

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