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Why is it that just anybody can call themselves a dog trainer?

I have been mentoring for 6 years with a dog trainer who has been teaching and training dogs for forty years and I still have a lot to learn. My mentor has so much knowledge(judges, teaches, knows all the AKC rules and standards and runs obedience programs) but still does not claim to be an [...]


Where can I get certified to be a dog trainer?

I have been taking many courses in dog training and would like to look into becoming certified….how do I go about doing that? I work for Petco now as a certified dog trainer but I want a certificate from my state(NM)…Is there a test or something I’m supposed to take? I have been studying dog [...]


Does anyone know of a good dog training school?

I need a good dog training school thats in San jose and teaches: obedience Tricks, Manners games and doin their business on a puppy/ dog pad.. oh yea and it has to be close to downtown or Willow Glen area Related Dog Training Videos Blogs


Dog training: Treats or Praise?

My family and I are teaching our "old "dog (only 3 yrs) new tricks. Or I should say more obedience. He knows the basics, sit, lay down, come, crate, go. He’s not too good with sit stay but we are working on that. Anyway some of us train him with treats and some of us [...]


Any ideas on what to goggle for free advanced dog training websites?

I am intrested in furthering my dogs training. They have mastered basic obedience and now I would like to take them further. I am not quit sure what I want to to teach them to do but they love learning(and so do I) so much that it would be a shame not to teach them [...]

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