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Any dog training tips you know?

Well my dog is scared of my new dog and gets mad if the puppy gets too close. Do you know how to train so my dog so it won’t be scared of the puppy or get mad to the point it gets defensive? I mean, ive heard of training so the dog won’t attact [...]


Make Sure Your Dog Is Safe In The Snow

With the sudden recent snowfall and adverse weather conditions, you might have had a change of wardrobe to cope with the drop in temperatures, filled your car with antifreeze and insulated your home. However don’t forget to take precautions to keep your dog warm and safe this winter. There are plenty of winter hazards out [...]


Is it that cat food is bad for dogs or dog food bad for cats?

I have been told by many people that dogs can eat cat food and it’s ok but if cats eat dog food they’ll go blind. Then, today, the lady who gave me my cats told me that cat food is bad for my dog but it is ok (but not recommended) for cats to eat [...]


What is the best breed of dog that fits in to a small farm setting?

I am looking for a new dog for my mothers farm. Because we have lots of small animals, chickens, ducks, and cats, it’s really hard to find a dog breed that will fit in. We already have a beagle and a border collie, and are looking for something new. They are getting older and we [...]


Question about dog breeds before i get a dog?

I am thinking about getting a dog. There will be kids and 3 cats in the house. I want a breed that will be able to handle cats, and 7 year old kids. Sociable, nice, loving, etc. What kind of dog breeds would be best for this kind of household? And any other information that [...]

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