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How To Make A Dog Poop Outside

If your house stinks like dog urine, you’re probably wondering how to train a dog to poop outside.  If your dog is past the puppy stage, you’re probably frustrated and tired of having accidents happen in your home.  Your house is disgusting.   You’d rather die than have company over.  If you’ve been beating your [...]


Save Your Back With The Right Leash

All of us have seen shows or television programs that picture someone pulled off her feet by an enormous dog that all of a sudden takes off at a run. It’s done on television for laughs, but any person who has had that happen knows there’s nothing funny about it. A moment like that comes [...]


Resolve Typical Behavior Difficulties Through Labrador Training

It’s not peculiar when the little pup that looked so cute at the pet store started to do some less than cute things around the house like peeing near the sofa rather than outside, gnawing the rug or creating unsightly holes in your backyard. He has also acquired the habit of barking for hours and [...]


Be Calm And Patience To Your Dog

Do not hurt your dogs or scream at the poor animal for misbehaving.You can use the dog training collar or any other tools but maltreatment is a Huge NO! This is a negative move since it will only work against any achievements that you may have in training your dog. Nevertheless be firm in giving [...]


Are You Training Your Dog Nasty Habits?

It is not difficult to teach your dog the habits that drive you loony. This is performed by something by the name of strengthening. Good dog trainers have learned to channel this re-strengthening in a good fashion to urge repeat behavior. By considering how you react when your dog is doing something unhelpful you may [...]

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