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Understanding Aggressive Dog Training Tips

Every dog is in need of basic dog obedience training.  Your canine, like a young child, must be taught how to behave.  Many dogs have behavioral problems.  There are those that show aggressive dog behavior, dog obedience training,  those that that have turned barking into a hobby, those that are constantly whining, etc.  So, if [...]


Chihuahua Accessories A Hot Item In The Dog Fashion World

The New Chihuahua Accessories In the crazy world of small dog clothing, chihuahua accessories are beginning to take over in terms of popularity with chihuahua owners. Along with buying the latest chihuahua clothes for their cute little pooches, owners are buying accessories and the latest attire for their little chihuahua pets, in addition to the [...]


Chihuahua Clothes On Little Dogs And The Fashion Of Their Owners

Chihuahua Sporting Cute Chihuahua Clothes I try to pop into as many dog boutiques as I can when I travel, and whenever I do, I see a lot of people picking out chihuahua clothes for their little doggies back home. Clothes for chihuahua dogs and the other toy breeds are selling like mad right now! [...]


Goals Of Labrador Retriever Training

If you are one of those people who have just discovered the delights of having a dog, then you’re probably aware of your responsibility in providing right labrador retriever training. Through training, you will be able to help your dog find out how to respond well to different obedience commands such as sit, stay and [...]


The Bernese Mountain Dog Weighs Up To 120 Pounds

The bernese mountain dog has also a nickname and this is the gentle giant, related to the very large size of the dogs of this breed, which have a very gentle and even-tempered behavior. Although these were initially working dogs, nowadays you may encounter them in the homes of many families with children, as they [...]

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