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What stores would you reccomend for stylish dog beds and other stuff too?

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Comparison of dog training schools (ABC vs. KPA vs. Ben Kersen vs. Michael Ellis)?

I have been looking into some dog training schools and would appreciate any info experienced dog trainers can provide. As I see it so far: Animal Behaviour College: Least expensive Good overview of material Can take grooming & training (more info) practical part is based on a mentor who may or may not be what [...]


How can I train my cat and dog to talk?

Like in the videos? I want them to be able to say "Mama", "Hello", and "I love you." How could I accomplish that? My dog is pomeranian and we’ve had her for four years (we found her so we don’t know exactly how old she is). And I’ve had my cat for seven years. I [...]


What dog breeds are available on the various versions of Nintendogs?

There are 3 different versions of Nintendogs out there and the on-line descriptions don’t give much detail on what breeds of dogs are available on each one. I’m trying to decide which one to buy but would like to know my dog options first. THANKS! Related Dog Training Videos Blogs


Need Suggestions for a free on line dog training site?

I am starting a free online dog training site. I would like ideas/suggestions for the name of the website, NOTHING ELSE. Thanks a Mil! Sheena-Apparently you read my question wrong. I am making my OWN dog training website. I need names for it. =D Related Dog Training Videos Blogs

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