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What dog breeds do you find intimidating?

What dog breeds do you find intimidating and why? Please no excessive negative thumb use. Related Dog Training Videos Blogs


Is there any point going to additional level 2 puppy training?

Me and my dog have just completed an 8 week puppy training course, and at the end they said there is an level 2 course that works on the basics more and does things with off lead training, such as down when something is more interesting. But i want to take him to obedience training [...]


Where can you get magnetic dog collars or even magnetic dog beds..?

Has anyone heard anything good about magnetic dog collars for relieving arthritis symptoms in dogs? I have a greyhound who broke his front and back leg when he raced and now he has really bad arthritis. He also has a screw in each of his legs from the surgery. Any suggestions? He’s already on glucosamine [...]


What to do after agility foundation training?

PLEASE READ: Hi! My dog just recently finished her agility foundation training. So far, I have taught her tunnel, jumps, sequences, 4 weaves, table and we’re working on running contacts. I would like to know what else I should train mostly for a JWW competition. (Ex. 270′s and 90′s) Videos are also greatly appreciated!!! Thanks! [...]


Tips in taking care and training your new dog?

Im planning to buy an siberian husky(Puppy one).And Im new in taking care and training a dog.Can someone give me tips in taking care and training dogs?What should I teach the dog for example like sitting,stay and other commands.What things should I give to my future dog?When is the right time to train him for [...]

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