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Do you get tired of fake people trying to sell videos here?

Does it seem to you as if we get a dozen "new" people here every day that give links to the SAME dog training videos day after day? These videos must be really, really bad if they have to answer questions here to try to catch folks who are unaware. Noticed that most of them [...]


How do I make my dog care more about global warming?

Someone named "Boozy" deserves the credit for this. Related Dog Training Videos Blogs


dog training please help.?

do you need any training your self to train a dog? i noticed i’m very good at training dogs and teaching them obedience. even older dogs. so do you need a degree or anything to train dogs? i’ve even taught my dog silent commands. i will open my hand for speak and all kinds of [...]


How do I properly integrate a new puppy?

I recently took in a puppy. She is very well-behaved, very calm and loving. However, my three-year-old dog has been used to being the only pet in the household. She is not necessarily well-behaved among other dogs, so she growls at the puppy a lot. Her overall reaction is rather unwelcoming. When the puppy approaches [...]


What are good dog clicker training videos on youtube?

I want to clicker train my one year old overly active dog. Related Dog Training Videos Blogs

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