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Qualifications and credentials for dog training?

While I realize that some people here have trained dogs for so many years that they likely wouldn’t need outside training, let’s just assume for the sake of this question that you do… Of course, training dogs does not require any type of formal education at all. Any individual can start a business and advertise [...]


What type of dog breed would get along with a medium black lab?

I want to get a playmate for my dog but I don’t know which breed would be best for my dog? Related Dog Training Videos Blogs Izabella St James: Playboy Playmate ‘Bunny Tales’! » Right Celebrity Playboy’s January 2011 Playmate Anna Sophia Berglund – Interview & Giveaway | Manolith Ex-Playmate: Hugh Hefner’s mansion a real [...]


How long can you leave a puppy alone at home?

I am thinking of getting a puppy growing to be medium sized but the problem is no one is at home from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. What should I do to keep the puppy occupied? Should I leave it in a crate that long? My father may come at around [...]


Are electronic/remote training collars inhumane to use on dogs?

and yes these collars used to be (and still occasionally are) referred to as shock collars. BEFORE you ANSWER please read the myths on this page: Well I want to be able to keep my dogs off leash a lot more and give them freedom without sacrificing safety but I don’t think I could [...]


What are the best sites to take Dog Grooming courses online?

I want to take some online courses for Dog Grooming to start off with, I haven’t found any places, other than Petco, that offer training around my area, Ventura County, CA, especially since I can’t travel anywhere yet for a few months. Do I have to live in the areas that offer online courses? What [...]

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