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How to give puppy chow as a birthday present?

I’m giving my boyfriend some cologne, a picture of him and me in a frame, and hopefully some puppy chow (because he LOVES puppy chow) for his birthday. I’m planning on wrapping the cologne and frame but what should I do about the puppy chow? I want it to be kind of cute and not [...]


What small dog breeds can still hold a tennis ball in their mouths?

I am looking for a small dog breed that I can hold in one arm comfortably and can still hold a tennis ball in their mouth. I can hold a dog larger that 25 lbs in one arm, I do not want to go any larger than that. I have been researching Toy Fox Terriers, [...]


What is the best breed of dog for me?

I’ve never had a dog, but always wanted a big dog. I’m planning on running with them. What’s a good first dog breed that will be able to run with me. I’m extremely dedicated in owning, training and doing everything possible to make my first dog owning experience a great one. I’m interested in a [...]


Has anyone used the Don Sullivan training videos?

I was wondering has anyone used the don sullivan "the perfect dog" training video. If so how did it work and did you like it. Im thinking about dog classes or training him myself with this video. I would really like to hear from those who have watch the video and have tried the techniques. [...]


How much should dog day care / dog walking cost?

How much should dog day care / dog walking cost? I have an 8 week old Puppy. I want someone to watch him while I’m in class which is 3 hours two days a week. I’m willing to drop him off if necessary. As time goes on I would like it if someone could watch [...]

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