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Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Stand & Stay

Learn to train your dog to stand and stay in this free dog training video. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan Related Dog Training Videos Blogs bird dog training + Free $500 Dog giftcard | Dog Training Insider Tips Benefit of Dog training Schools | [...]


Do you think it should be required by law for potential dog owners to go through dog care classes?

I think so. There are so many ridiculous people out there and in this section. I mean it is common sense really and they are usually unprepared to handle anytype of dog care, because they cant afford it, are too lazy, and etc Related Dog Training Videos Blogs how to measure antioxidants in any type [...]


What are some of the most effective dog training books to used? Which ones are the best?

I’m trying to buy a good dog training book so I can train my dog at home. There are so many I don’t know which ones would be the best to get. So if you’ve ever used a dog training book, let me know what you thought about it. Related Dog Training Videos Blogs The [...]


Dog Training Videos….?

Okay I posted a question I think about a week ago about send my dog to a 3 week training program (5.00) where I take my dog drop him off (I cant see him for the first 2 weeks) then go back and train with him on the Wednesday and then again on saturday and [...]


Dog Training- How to train your dog not to bark- Episode 1

This is Episode 1 in a series of videos on how to train your dog not to bark. This episode focuses on barking at noises. The next episode will be focusing on barking at visual stimuli- dogs and people etc. I will write a larger description very soon. Dog training… Related Dog Training Videos Blogs [...]

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