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How often should I give my puppy water?

I have a 13 week old puppy that has yet to be housetrained. But before you say it should be out 24/7, to housetrain you have to take your puppy out 15-30 minutes after it drinks every time, and we can’t follow the puppy around and do this every time it stops for a sip. [...]


What puppy food would you reccomend for a Giant sized dog?

I want a good dry food. Not sure which is the best for a giant breed puppy, though. Thanks in advance. =] I don’t mind how much it costs. I’ll buy the most expensive stuff if I need to. I know giant breeds eat ALOT. I live in the UK, so it would be good [...]


I have a neighbor who bought a beagle puppy, not taken proper care of it. What to do to help the puppy?

I’ve never been so upset over this 9 week old puppy than I am now. I’ve been raised with dogs all my life. I can’t beliebve how this family is treating this puppy! I want to call the humane society, but my husband is telling me not to get involved. I feel like I need [...]


How long should you keep a puppy on puppy food?

My puppies seem to be losing interest in their Eukanuba puppy food but will go crazy to try and get my grown dogs adult Eukanuba. How old should they be? Related Dog Training Videos Blogs Simple Adult Video Watermark and Upload Project by brettjub … Important Guidelines to Find Puppies for Sale | Free Articles [...]


How much would it cost to ship a puppy from Yaounde Cameroon to sac airport?

so ya i’m getting a yorkshire puppy for my boyfriend. the lady that owns the puppy has traveled to Yaounde Cameroon and wants to ship the puppy to the nearest airport to me since the weather isn’t to good for the puppy. please help me out cause she said i’d only have to pay for [...]

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