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What dog breeds are similar to a Westie?

My father would like a "westie" (west highland white terrier). My family is ok with that, but the dog has to be adopted, and be at a young age. I went online, and there wasn’t a dog in our area with the age preference that we want. If anyone knows a breed or breeds that [...]


What are some medium to large dog breeds that do well with apartment life?

I want to do a lot of research on a dog before I get one, but it must be good with living in an apartment. I have a backyard, but will most likely be walking it around the neighborhood, as my superintendent has a not-so-friendly dog back there a lot of the time. I most [...]


What are some small dog breeds/ good names for small dogs?

I’m interested in buying a pomeranian, it’s small and fluffy, which is my ideal dog. I would like to know some other small and fluffy dog breeds, also I need some names as I will be getting one soon! Related Dog Training Videos Blogs


What are some large dog breeds that dont shed a lot?

i want to get a big dog, but most big dogs shed a ton. can you tell me some big breeds that dont shed a lot or drool too much? Related Dog Training Videos Blogs


what do dog breeds have to do with evolution?

I heard a lady say something about the large amount of dog breeds are the result of evolution. The guy she was talking to disagreed, he said they were the result of humans selectively breeding different dogs and making new ones. I kinda agree with the guy. Evolution doesn’t work that way, does it? Related [...]

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