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Is it a bad habbit for a dog if they sleep on couches and beds?

When ever I have a dog I let him/her sleep on my bed and on the couches. Is that a bad habbit? I’ve had the dog for about 2 years should i just let him/her sleep on the furniture or start telling her no? Related Dog Training Videos Blogs How do i get my baby [...]


Where can I buy cute dog stuff: beds, bowls and coats online?

other then E bay. no petco or petsmart either. Related Dog Training Videos Blogs EBay Expanding Its International Footprint | Sramana Mitra Petco exec: Use mobile to build two-way communication – Mobile … Seven Approaches to Generate income on eBay Dover PetSmart Opens pet adoption center in conjunction with Kent … 15581 Pets Saved During [...]


Looking for large dog breed beds?

I am looking for a dog bed For my 12 yr old Yellow Lab mix. I need a bed under (were on a tight budget). We have looked in MANY dog beds in pet stores but there all expensive (more then ). Pls help!! amanda s Related Dog Training Videos Blogs


why is my dog going under beds?

i understand that dogs can have strange behaviors but this is very new. he’s only a year or 2 old. all he does is go under the bed and just lay there kinda calm and looking around. he has a few fleas so he also itches at them when he’s under there. i’m a bit [...]


How do you entice grown dogs to use dog beds?

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