How does Dog Separation Anxiety Start?

Dog separation anxiety is one of the most typical emotional health problems you can come across when you have a dog. Dogs, like people, they seek love, affection and care and when they get these things in abundance, they love it.

Separation anxiety generally happens usually when there has been a big change in your dog's life. Maybe you've had some quality time with your dog. For instance, if you have had some time off from work, and then when you return to work your dog feels a void. You are not around as much and they wish to be with you more.

This situation can progress into dog separation anxiety which is the reason behind dogs doing things that are out of character, either by barking and whining all day or demonstrating destructive behavior

Dog separation anxiety is a situation where dogs start behaving in a markedly changed manner, like they start whining, barking and crying when you are not home angering the neighbors and sometimes the whole street.

Separation anxiety can also expand into destructive behaviors like, chewing up all manner of things including furniture, and doing whatever they can to find you including attempting to escape the house or yard.

In the most serious cases a number of dogs have badly hurt themselves attempting to escape by breaking windows, tearing up rugs and carpets and damaging drywall.

All puppies will experience some level of anxiety when they come to live with you and are separated from their mother and brother and sisters. You may know that your new puppy is experiencing anxiousness when they look sad and cry when they're alone.

Dog anxiety in adult dogs generally starts much more subtlety. Your dog will begin to become annoying by following you everywhere and never being comfortable when you are out of view. They'd get in your way and constantly block your path in an effort to gain more attention. They might start becoming more demanding for love and also might be over excited when you return home.

How you choose to manage your dog's anxiety will make the difference. It is your choice. Do you want to own a happy dog or a dog that might develop long term separation anxiety issues?

Next, discover if your canine buddy has dog separation anxiety by using a free dog anxiety checklist. Discover the various simple to implement systems that can cure the difficulty of dog anxiety.

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