What dog breeds are similar to a Westie?

My father would like a "westie" (west highland white terrier). My family is ok with that, but the dog has to be adopted, and be at a young age. I went online, and there wasn't a dog in our area with the age preference that we want. If anyone knows a breed or breeds that are quite similar with the "westie" tell me!

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    6 Responses to “What dog breeds are similar to a Westie?”

    1. Betta'n'Dog Breeder says:

      I’m sorry that the Westie you wanted was adopted. Here are some that look like it:

      Australian Terrier
      Cairn Terrier – often mistaken as West Highland White Terrier
      Norwich Terrier
      Skye Terrier – Somewhat similar
      Silky Terrier

      These are the only similar appearance breeds in the AKC registry.

      Good luck!

    2. luckydog says:

      In that family you can also find Scots terriers and Cairn terriers. The schnauzer family is sort of similar, but a different breed..you can look at mini schnauzers, Brussels Griffon terriers. Westies are great dogs…why don’t you go a little out of your area or wait until one comes available. Try Westie Rescue with your zip code. Good luck.

    3. spring says:

      As far as white dogs go, no there aren’t except for the bishon frise, they are white and about the same size

    4. Jazzeei Lady says:

      Lapdogs. Such as the Bichon Frise, Maltese, Shi-tzu, if you go online, use kijiji, there’s lots of dogs breeds such as these on kijiji, i use kijiji to get some of my pets

    5. Bob says:

      Jack Russell Terrier

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