What dog breeds originated from Central American countries?

I would like to build a website of comparing dogs around the world, and
would like to compare the breeds of dogs originated from each country.
Is there any dog originated from these countries?

Costa Rica
El Salvador

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    5 Responses to “What dog breeds originated from Central American countries?”

    1. Claudia Shapiro says:

      Try using either google/yahoo or this website:


      it talks about all dog breeds and where they originate from, but you’d have to look kind of hard.

    2. Jenny Manyteeth says:

      chihuahua and xoloitcuintle– mexico

      pervian inca orchid–peru

    3. Lisa M says:

      Mexico- chihuahuas originated from here and can be traced back to the early 1500s
      El Salvador doesnt really have one due to the poverty and stray dogs everywhere its said that rotweilers were seen here as early as the 1700s but believe to originate from germany

    4. Cassie-Dane & Bully Breed lover says:

      well, I found some for Belize, just keep using this site for the others:


      this ones for you Bells

    5. Thanks for the post, bookmarked!

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